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Give the Gift of CBD

Give the Gift of CBD

Read on for gift ideas so good they’ll never get re-gifted. And while you’re happily shopping for your friends and family, we won’t tell if you buy an extra, or two, for you.   

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They say the best gifts are the ones you want to keep for yourself. We couldn’t agree more. Read on for gift ideas so good they’ll never get re-gifted. And while you’re happily shopping for your friends and family, we won’t tell if you buy an extra, or two, for you.

For the friend who loves spicy food

Lucy’s Red Hot CBD Chili Oil 
With 30 servings per bottle, this spicy concoction of slow roasted chili pepper, organic MCT oil and broad-spectrum CBD fires up the metabolism and makes ordinary meals… extraordinary.

For the at-home bartender

Greater Goods Unflavored 1000mg Tincture
With no off-putting earthy taste and an easy-to-dose dropper, this 1,000mg full-spectrum hemp tincture (with a trace of THC) is the perfect addition to a festive cocktail, even if you drink it in your pajamas.

For the sister who never leaves home without her yoga mat

Asana Mantra
Finding your bliss has never been more necessary. Asana Mantra lavender-infused lotion has 6,000 mg of CBD per jar, which is enough to help anyone really find their zen.

For the sweetheart with a sweet tooth

Greater Goods Mocha Crunch Chocolate Bar
Organic dark milk chocolate infused with full spectrum hemp oil? Yes please. This smooth and creamy chocolate bar has 12 servings, with a punch of complex coffee flavor and the crunch of superfood organic, sweetened cacao nibs.

For the frazzled mom who never sits still 

Farmhouse Hemp Cinnamon CBD Hard Candies
Know someone who’s always on the go? These old fashioned candies are handmade with 10mg of full-spectrum hemp in each yummy piece and are easy to throw in your purse or pocket.

For the furry best friend (or the neighbor’s pooch you love to pet)

Farmhouse Pet Drops
Thank them for their loyalty with these solventless pet drops. Organic MCT oil, organic beef flavoring (pets apparently love grass and beef flavors, go figure), and steam-distilled CBD rosin make these drops a favorite among pets and vets.

For the nephew who thinks gym=life and the neighbor who’s always tinkering with his car

Aces Joint Repair
Ultra-concentrated cannabinoids join forces with calming menthol for a muscle rub like no other. And when we say ultra, we mean ultra – each super cool can (because presentation matters too) has 23,000mg of CBD for tough pain relief.

For the co-worker who always has a cup of tea on her desk

Rosin Honey
This raw, local wildflower honey is infused with full spectrum, solventless CBD rosin. Use it to sweeten tea or coffee, or save a mug and savor it by the spoonful.

For the buddy who owns the Indiana Jones box set

McDowell’s Miracle CBD CBG Elixir
As legend would have it, the formula for this “miracle elixir” was discovered by the swashbuckling explorer Finnegan J. McDowell. What’s not myth however is the 2,000mg CBD isolate plus 2,000mg CBG isolate in these sarsaparilla hemp-extract drops.

For the late-night Netflix binge watcher

Greater Goods Marshmallow Bon Bons
These aren’t your grandma’s bon bons, though we dare say your grandma would love them. Soft and chewy vegan marshmallows drenched in fudgy, organic dark chocolate are infused with full spectrum hemp oil for a mindful mellow (or should we say mallow?).

For the roommate who always has a lip balm (or two) on hand

Farmhouse Hemp Lip Balm with a Kick
Pucker up. Dropping temps mean dry lips, but these game-changing CBD lip balms are here to save the day as they can even double as on-the-go pain relief. Organic ingredients, full-spectrum rosin, and environmentally friendly biodegradable packaging. What’s not to love?

Sage Street Trading Co’s products are made from the highest-quality cannabinoids. If you’re looking for high-quality CBD isolate in Oregon, inSupply Labs’s isolate is of the highest quality and is always third-party lab tested. Purchase CBD isolate, or assemble your own CBD lab with custom CBD extraction equipment from Pioneer Tank & Vessel

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