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inSupply CBN Isolate 50 grams 1.76oz


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CBN Isolate Powder

CBN is a naturally occurring cannabinoid. When THC is exposed to heat or aging, CBN is formed. CBN isolate does not induce intoxication or a high, and because it does not contain active THC, you will not test positive on a drug test. CBN isolate can have sedative effects.

inSupply’s superior CBN isolate powder starts from farm-fresh hemp, is processed using our proprietary hemp extraction equipment, and is then rigorously tested in house and through a third-party lab, ensuring the highest quality isolate on the market.

CBN cannabidiol- cannabinoid

CBN Isolate potential health benefits:

  • Sleep aid
  • Potent Pain Relief
  • Increased Appetite
  • Neuroprotective Qualities
  • Muscle Contraction Prevention

CBN was first isolated and chemically described in 1896 and scientific literature has been published since the 1940s.

CBN is believed to have properties that interact with your endocannabinoid system in a way that can promote sleep, calmness, anti-anxiety, and relaxation.

In lab settings, CBN was tested on strains of MRSA bacteria that are resistant to traditional antibiotics. Studies on CBN have found that the cannabinoid may be a potent antibacterial agent. Cannabinol research from 1995 showed that CBN in mice can prolong time asleep.

More research must be conducted to understand how CBN actually affects the body, and to realize the full potential of this rare cannabinoid as a pharmacological therapy for a number of medical indications.


CBN Isolate ingredients

CBN Isolate Product Details

CBN Isolate, a metabolite of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), does not have a distinctive smell or taste so it blends seamlessly into oils, tinctures, beverages, foods, lotions, creams, and more.

The entire refining process from farm-fresh hemp to powdered isolate is housed within one facility, allowing for thorough quality control and superior products.

CBN isolate products from inSupply Labs are rigorously tested both in-house and at an independent third-party laboratory, surpassing standard testing practices. A Certificate of Analysis is available upon request that independently verifies the isolate’s pureness and quality.

Sage Street Trading supplies a CBN extract made using top quality hemp plants, legally grown in the USA.

CBN’s molecular formula is C21H26O2and its molecular weight is 310.47 g/mol.

CBN Isolate Additional Information

Given the current high demand and low supply of minor cannabinoids, including Cannabinol, the cost to produce cannabinol from hemp biomass has been significant, but is coming down as supply improves.

In hopes of reducing costs, hemp plant breeders are selecting CBN-dominant genetics to engineer higher producing CBN-specific crops, among other development efforts.

CBN isolate, or cannabinol isolate, is a cannabinoid isolated from the plant Cannabis. CBN is a metabolite of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabinol preferentially binds to the CB2 receptor, which is mainly expressed on a variety of immune cells, such as T-cells, B-cells, macrophages and dendritic cells. Stimulation of CB2 receptors by cannabinol may both trigger apoptosis in these cells and inhibit the production of a variety of cytokines. Cannabinol exerts minimal affinity for CB1 and has a weak effect on the central nervous system. It exhibits potential immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory activities. When properly warmed CBN isolate is a liquid CBN oil. The purity of our CBN oil is consistently 99%+.

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